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How to Use a Shark Steam Mop


Tips to using a Shark Steam Mop


The main advantage of using a Shark Steam Mop is that it works very efficiently. The steam is heated very quickly in 30 seconds. This particular brand of steam mop also sanitizes the hard floor surface as well as cleaning it, enabling 99.9% of germs and bacteria to be neutralized. In addition to all of this, these steam mops use a microfiber cleaning pad which helps to dry up much of the moisture after cleaning the floor. People who buy a Shark Steam Mop will understand that the unit helps to save time when carrying out those essential floor cleaning chores.


For the unit to work efficiently it is important to know how to use a Shark Steam Mop properly. The first task is to fit the microfiber cleaning pad. The pad should be fitted into the grooves on the bottom of the mop head.


Water is required to produce the steam. This is stored in the steam mop’s water tank. There is a cap on the tank which can be unscrewed to pour in the water. It is important that the cap is screwed tightly once the tank has been filled. Ordinary tap water can be used in the steam mop’s water tank.

The next step is to connect the Shark Steam Mop with the electrical supply. Once plugged in, an indicator light should come on. If this does not happen, check that the plug is properly connected to the electric socket.


Once steam is being produced it can be released from the mop head by pressing down on the pump handle.


The to-and-fro mopping action will release the steam onto the floor, enabling the cleaning and sanitizing to take place. The steam is actually produced when the steam mop is pushed forward, so it is important that the unit is continually pushed forward and then pulled back when in use.


An advantage of the Shark Steam Mop is that the mop head can be flipped round. This means that when one side of the microfiber cleaning pad becomes dirty the clean side can be used without having to remove then refit it.


If the steam mop’s water tank becomes empty during cleaning it can be refilled, however, for safety reasons the unit must be unplugged before any water is poured in.


It must be remembered that the Shark Steam Mop is an electrical implement so a few basic checks should be made before using it. It should not be used if the plug or cord is damaged. The user should also not attempt to make any repairs on the steam mop. If it does needs repairing it should be returned to the seller, or Euro-Pro, to be checked and fixed.


The steam mop should never be pulled along by the power cord. It should also never be left unattended and plugged in where young children are present.



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